Judith McKimm


Judith offers mediation for disputes with a highly emotional component. Her previous working experience has been in the area of visual communication and  localization for several renowned companies, translation and language teaching (Trinity College Dublin), and in running her own business. She now works as an intercultural communication consultant (www.crosscultural-communication.com).

She speaks fluent German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. She is particularly interested in disputes that involve parties of different nationalities and, more generally, conflicts of intercultural nature. Having lived in a variety of countries in Latin America and Europe, and worked with clients from different nationalities, including Japanese, she is very aware of the propensities for dispute and misunderstanding that arise due to cultural differences and linguistic barriers. She strongly believes in the benefit of offering parties in conflict the possibility to express themselves in their own language, and of being understood in terms of the worldview and values they hold due to their cultural background. She has published on psycholinguistic factors that affect people in cross-cultural conflict situations.

Judith is accredited by the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology in Regent’s College, London. Through the knowledge she has gained as to emotional and psychological factors, and having attended several stillness courses, she believes in the importance of presence and healing when dealing with conflict. Her work in facilitating communication between parties involves creative approaches.

She has a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies.

She is a board member as well as member of the expert panel for Intercultural Mediation at the Austrian Mediation Association (ÖBM).

Since 2014 she is a member of the European Cultural Parliament.

Her personal interests lie in travelling, music and art, and she is a great nature and animal lover.

Contact Judith:
e-mail: judith.mckimm@oneresolve.ie