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Audrey Byrne

Audrey Byrne is a solicitor who practices in commercial litigation ... Read more

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Mediator Ireland Dublin

Breda O’Malley

Breda is a Partner in Hayes solicitors. She specialises in […] ... Read more

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Brian McLoghlin

Brian McLoghlin is a company director, mediator and solicitor. His 40 years of experience as a lawyer has been mainly in the commercial field, in which he has worked both in-house and in private practice ... Read more

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Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy is a chartered accountant who has practiced for many […] ... Read more

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Edward Gleeson

Edward is Partner Solicitor at Mason Hayes and Curran Solicitors […] ... Read more



Eugene Davy

Eugene Davy is a solicitor specialised in family law. With an expertise extending to over 30 years, he has been involved in many of the leading family law cases. Eugene is a Partner in Hayes Solicitors (Dublin) and Head of ... Read more

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Fergus Armstrong

Fergus is an experienced mediator. His practice divides as between cases that relate to business and financial affairs and conflicts ... Read more

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Garvan Corkery2

Garvan Corkery

Garvan is a practicing barrister, with more than twenty years’ experience in the field of commercial law. He began his career as a solicitor, practicing first at McCann FitzGerald, primarily in the area of aircraft finance ... Read more

Tel: 086 856 0374

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Gerry O’Sullivan

Gerry delivers professional mediation training and provides a mediation service […] ... Read more

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Hannah Carney_19092_021

Hannah Carney

Hannah Carney is a solicitor, an independent business consultant and a mediator. She has 15 years experience in the professional and corporate world ... Read more

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Hugh Governey

Hugh Governey retired as CEO of Coyle Hamilton Willis Holdings Ltd in July 2005. His career spanned 45 years in the insurance industry and he continues to act as non-executive director of a number of companies in the insurance ... Read more

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Ian Finlay

Ian Finlay

Ian Finlay is a senior counsel who has been in practice […] ... Read more

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Jim Brophy

Jim is a consulting actuary with over 25 years’ experience advising […] ... Read more

Tel: 087645558

John McBratney

John McBratney

John McBratney is experienced in commercial and banking law, company law, […] ... Read more

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Judith McKimm

Judith offers mediation for interpersonal, family, workplace and commercial disputes. Her previous working experience has been in the area of visual communication, localization and design ... Read more

Mary Culliton

Mary is a mediator and healthcare consultant. She has  extensive […] ... Read more


Michael Irvine

Michael is a solicitor with over 27 years experience in practice as a commercial lawyer who during the last 15 years has undertaken international legal consultancy projects with organisations such as the World Bank ... Read more

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Muriel Walls

Muriel Walls is a solicitor specialising in family law with over thirty years experience. Muriel has been involved in many leading cases and is a recognised expert. She is a partner in one of Ireland’s leading law firms, McCann FitzGerald ... Read more

Tel: 086 2306253

Paul Creedon

Paul Creedon

Paul Creedon has held senior management positions in several industries. In […] ... Read more

Tel: 087 235 1656

Pearse Mehigan

Pearse is principal solicitor with Pearse Mehigan & Co. Solicitors […] ... Read more

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ONE~resolve Events:

For any case, a ONE~resolve mediator will give close attention to the particular nature of the dispute and the parties. We don’t assume that any standard format should apply but will suggest a process that we think will be most helpful for the circumstances. The depth and variety of our mediators’ background experience helps us shape an approach that will promote an early and economical resolution.

We believe that when a dispute situation arises, mediation should be considered at the very outset. The forthcoming Mediation Bill for Ireland is expected to enshrine this principle in the law. It involves parties being willing to engage with each other before pursuing a different channel. This can take courage but also bring remarkable results when it happens under skilful guidance.

Some disputes require legal intervention, others don’t. Where lawyers are needed the degree of their involvement can vary.  Their role may be to give valuable preliminary advice before parties go into mediation, or they can contribute to the mediation at a later stage. In other instances it will be appropriate that lawyers are engaged from the outset and remain involved throughout the process.

In many, perhaps most, situations, the mediator is chosen by lawyers on each side.

A party may also like the option, however, of proposing to the other party that they review the names on our website with a view to agreeing on a choice of mediator. Either party may also contact any of our mediators by phone for a preliminary discussion if that will assist them in going forward.

Where lawyers are retained for a case, success in mediation depends on those representing both parties being familiar with the process.  Where parties have not already contacted a legal adviser, we can provide a list of experienced lawyers who favour its use.

"The courts of this country should not be the places where resolution of disputes begins. They should be the places where the disputes end after alternative methods of resolving disputes have been considered and tried."

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (US Supreme Court)